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*Membership is earned not bought.

New Jersey





Responsibilities: A full patch member MUST own a motorcycle. A full patch member must make an effort to attend all meetings, events, and functions, and be dedicated to maintaining the Allegiance LEMC in good standing. He must help other members in any way possible, whenever possible. He must show appropriate respect to fellow members, and other clubs. He must be a mentor to Prospects, showing them the ways of the Club. He must always remember that when he wears the patches of the Allegiance LEMC, that he represents the entire Club, and must never act in a manner that would bring discredit or dishonor to the Club. He must wear a Club vest at all Club functions/events and NEVER leave it unattended. Any FULL PATCH MEMBER that has not attended any Club events, functions, or meetings for Six (6) Months, will be required to explain why and if he still intends to be part of the Club. The Chapter Officers will deal with these situations on an individual basis, and will make decisions accordingly.


NEW MEMBERS:  Membership Application Forms must be completed for all prospective members. These forms must be forwarded to the National Chapter Executive Board for review prior to the respective Chapter voting on the individual. Prospective members who are Non-Law Enforcement are subject to background checks. Please email the New Jersey Chapter VP for more info.

HANG-AROUNDS: The first step to becoming a member of the Allegiance LEMC is to undergo a hang-around period. During this period, the individual is vetted by the Chapter members to ensure the individual might be a fit for the Club. The length of a hang-around period is to be determined by the Chapter officers. Once the Chapter officers are in agreement, the hang-around can be voted on to become a PROSPECT. To become a PROSPECT, the hang-around must receive 100% of the voting membership present during a general meeting. Any negative votes must be explained to the membership. If the hang-around does not receive a 100% vote, the Chapter officers will decide whether to extend the hang-around’s time, or to dismiss the hang-around. The hang-around will not be present in the room during the voting
process. If the hang-around receives a 100% vote to become a PROSPECT, he will be awarded his PROSPECT patches. The new Prospect must pay his Membership Color Fee of $150.00 before he can receive his Prospect patches.
Prior to receiving their Prospect Patches, all new Prospects must show proof that they have a current and valid Driver’s License with a Motorcycle Endorsement. They must also show that they have current Insurance and Registration on the motorcycle they will be riding in the Club. Likewise, the Prospect’s motorcycle must be safe for riding. The motorcycle must not be a “Sport” type motorcycle and must be above 750cc in order to safely keep up with the pack.


PROSPECT Responsibilities: Prior to becoming a FULL PATCH MEMBER of the Allegiance LEMC, the individual is required to PROSPECT for a period of time no less than 3 months after their “hang-around” period. During this time the Prospect must attend a majority of Club functions, thus giving the sitting membership time to get to know the individual. During this period, the Prospect will wear no Center patch on the back of his vest. Once the Prospect receives his other patches, it is his responsibility to see that the patches are sewn properly onto a vest. Prospects will wear their colors to all Club events that he attends. No other patch will be worn on the back of the Prospect’s vest. Before a Prospect can become a FULL member, he must attend at least three (3) Club events, three (3) Club rides, and MUST attend three (3) Monthly Meetings. (A Club Event is defined as any event scheduled by the Club, in which at least three (3) Full Patch wearing members attend.) A Prospect will NEVER attend a Club function without his Club vest.
During the Prospect period, the Prospect will make every attempt to meet ALL sitting members of the Chapter by introducing himself, shaking hands, and making sure that the sitting members know he is serious about becoming a member of the Allegiance LEMC. For the safety of the Prospect during his Prospecting period, the Prospect will only wear his Prospect patches when he is either riding to or from a Club function, or when he is riding with another full patch member of the Club. 


PROSPECT SPONSOR Responsibilities: A Sponsor must be a mentor to the Prospect, and guide him through the process of becoming a member of the Allegiance LEMC. It is the Sponsor’s job to make sure that the Prospect knows the requirements to become a member, and to keep track of where his Prospect is in the process. Sponsors will also ride with the Prospect in group rides to make sure he is a safe and competent rider. Once the Prospect has completed all the requirements to become a member, it is the Sponsor’s job to bring this to the attention of the Vice President. The Sponsor will advise the Vice President that the Prospect has completed his requirements. At the next general meeting, the President will call for a vote of membership on the Prospect.

PROSPECT VOTING FOR FULL PATCH: Once a Prospect has completed the requirements as set forth within these Bylaws, and the Prospect’s Sponsor has advised the Vice President that the Prospect is ready for a vote, the Prospect will be voted on during the next scheduled monthly meeting. To become a FULL PATCH MEMBER, the Prospect must receive 100% of the voting membership present. Any negative votes must be explained to the membership. If the Prospect does not receive a 100% vote, the Chapter officers will decide whether to extend the Prospect’s time, or to dismiss the Prospect. The Prospect will not be present in the room during the voting process. If the Prospect receives a 100% vote for FULL PATCH MEMBERSHIP, he will be awarded his Center patch.

LAW ENFORCEMENT “LE” EXCEPTION: Potential members that are designated as “Law Enforcement” may by-pass the Prospecting process and move directly into the member voting process at the discretion of the Chapter Executive Board. Rules governing the voting process to become a patched member will be the same as those defined in the PROSPECT VOTING section of this document.

All decisions affecting the Chapter will be voted on by the membership. The voting membership, or FULL PATCH MEMBERS, will consist of only patched members that wear the full patch on the back of their Club vest. In the event a tie vote occurs, the final decision will rest with a vote by Chapter President.



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